Justice for my mom and sister!

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JUDGE- Judge Jan Roltsch-Anoll

In a brief quote from my mom:

I was denied due process during a show cause hearing in which the judge refused to let me testify nor present evidence to prove innocence. She was then recused as my judge March 2020. On July 7, 2020 she took the bench again stating she never agreed to be recused despite transcripts providing such and stated again that she refuses to see my evidence or let me testify as she knows for certain that I am guilty of contempt. She said she will sentence me in August. She also stated that she has talked to Kentucky judge who now will preside over my cases for child custody and told her I’m a bad person and will be held in contempt. My lawyer asked her how can she do this without seeing evidence and My lawyer also asked how can I be held in contempt on not providing adequate notification of moving (when I did provide it) and no new show cause has been placed upon the judge to make a ruling. The judge said because she can and will do it."

We would like to fight to get the judge removed from our case before August 21, and have the entire thing dismissed as a frivolous case. The first time our judge convicted my mom in contempt, my mom was not allowed to defend herself, as we were given 30 minutes, and the father and his counsel were the ones who used the full time. Instead of continuing the case, the judge made her decision without my mother's defense. She was blatantly denied her due process rights!

The child in question is my suicidal seven year old sister, JC,who is terrified of being with her father because of physical, and mental abuse that has been expressed by JC. This year alone in mid-March, my sweet little sister attempted suicide, and was then admitted to an in-patient hospital for 7 days, scared and alone. Her father did not come visit once, and has proved multiple times that he doesn't care about her well being. 

Her father has been fighting this case with my mom for years, saying she has been withholding JC, when in fact, she hasn't, and JC is terrified of him. His girlfriend has even threatened JC’s life, my life, and my mother's life at one point, which was left via voicemail. 

The only thing we have asked the father for is to reintroduce himself to JC, slowly, so they can rekindle their relationship, the way 5-6 other behavior health professionals and therapists have been recommending! The Virginia Courts won't listen, and now Judge Jan Roltsch-Anoll is threatening to send my 6 months pregnant mother to jail over wrongful contempt charges in August. PLEASE HELP US!!!


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