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The City of Woonsocket: Stop the Banning of Pitbulls

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The image the general public has about pitbulls is based on media bias and pure myth. They are not the monsters the media would have us believe. I myself own a pitbull. They are one of the sweetest breeds. A pitbull is no different than any other breed in that sense. When a dog of some other breed attacks someone it does not draw much media attention, but when it's a pitbull it's all over the news. This gives the public a false sense of security because it makes us forget about other dogs from different breeds that have a potential for aggression. Aggression towards humans is not an inherent trait of pitbulls. The ones you hear about that attack people represent a very small percentage of the pitbull population, which were raised to be aggressive, and we not properly trained and or socialized. They are raised by bad owners who train them to fight and be aggressive. If you don't raise them that way then they won't be aggressive. The average pitbull is very friendly towards people. We are punishing the breed instead of the deed. The action of one pitbull should not result in the banning of the breed entirely. To take away the pitbull breed all together is unfair to the breed, and to the owners who love them dearly. People look at their dogs as a member of the family, not just as a pet or an animal. To take the freedom of an innocent dog that has a bad reputation is wrong. To forbid them to walk the street without a muzzle just to go outdoors is not only making it seem like the dog is aggressive to others but is taking the dogs freedom to play ball, to pant when they are hot, to drink water freely without being unleashed from a muzzle. If the city's arguement is that dogs are aggressive and they wish to remove them then why not meet every individual dog and evaluate him/her so that every dog has a standing chance, if we dont stand up for our pit bulls, who will defend them.


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