JUSTICE4BLACKLIVESWINNIPEG's Demands To Make Winnipeg Safe for All BIPOC

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After listening to extensive constructive community feedback we have a few amendments to the petition at the request of the public. Our original petition did not include specifics of what initial steps towards defunding should look like in the city, 10 clearly outlined steps have since been included. It also did not address the lack of Black history taught across the province (this has also now been included) and The Manitoba Teachers' Society is an added decision maker included in this petition. All amended information/demands are italicized within the original petition for clarity and transparency purposes.

Amendments to the petition reads as follows:


We are a group of 8 community organizers who believes in and advocates for the eradication of the industrial prison complex as well as the military-industrial prison complex and all actors of those systems. We are choosing to start with defunding, dismantling, and abolishing the Winnipeg Police Service. We do not support systems which police, punish, brutalize and murder BIPOC on a regular basis; there is no way to find justice within such institutions.

Crime is simply an outcry for unmet needs. Needs must be met in the community (food, housing, transportation, healthcare, mental health support, harm reduction services, spiritual supports, addictions supports, free extensive community activities, etc.) through redirected funds from the extensive police budget in order to make Winnipeg a safe and enjoyable place to be for all marginalized people. As was clearly displayed by our event and acknowledged by the WPS publicly, the community does a damn good job at keeping everyone safe. Ultimately, the people keep the people safe, not the police. This is why we know volunteer, as well as community owned, operated and run services/organizations will be able to effectively take over what legal responsibilities the police currently have. Thus, translating into real safety for all. We demand that the City of Winnipeg work with a collaborative group of BIPOC grassroot organizers to determine where all redirected funds from the defunded police budget should be distributed within the community. Those directly on the ground doing the work themselves know what is required, their voices need to be heard.

Our end goal is to translate the safe, loving, welcoming and caring atmosphere we created at the rally to each person’s daily life in the city. Signing/sharing the petition, doing your research, keeping the pressure on officials to act, and overall supporting the movement is a large part of helping us achieve that goal together.


5. Immediate steps of action to show overall commitment to defunding, dismantling and abolishing the Winnipeg Police Service.

1.) We are demanding for the City of Winnipeg to publicly commit to no longer raising the WPS budget, indefinitely. Permanently. The end goal is to reduce the budget number to 0. They already have 26.8% of city funding at their disposal, not a cent more is needed nor should be provided.

2.) Completely transparency with the public regarding all current and future police budget decisions, and funding.

3.) We are demanding for the defunding and discontinued use of costly police department equipment only used to terrorize communities and individuals. Such as but not limited to; license plate readers, facial recognition technology, the WPS helicopter, and the WPS armoured vehicle.

4.) Cut overtime budgets immediately. Overtime is a large area for excessive spending in any police budget, especially here in Winnipeg.

5.) Cancel all cadet classes indefinitely.

6.) Demand WPS hiring services be frozen immediately. The service currently has 1,442 officers, not a single more is required.

7.) We demand that all names and badge numbers of currently employed officers who are responsible for the deaths, assaults, attacks, and harassments of BIPOC in the city be disclosed. We are demanding their entire previous misconduct history be released and shared with the public for complete transparency. We demand these officers be fired, as well as their salaries and pensions be terminated. No monetary gain of any kind should be provided for those who assault and murder on the job.

8.) Officers who are found to be abusing their power and violating BIPOC in the city must have their employment terminated indefinitely without the ability to be hired by any other policing or security agency in the city.

9.) We demand that those who are under investigation no longer be eligible for paid administrative leave. Immediate leave without pay is required for those who abuse their power.

10.) We are demanding that the police community relations unit be defunded as soon as possible. Police are a problematic extension of colonialism and white supremacy. There does not need to be funding towards trying to convince the public that the truth, is not the truth.


1. We are demanding for true, genuine Black Canadian history to be added to the Provincial Curriculum as a mandatory topic. We are demanding for this curriculum to be created with Black educators and administrators in Manitoba, in tandem with Black Grassroot organizers. Currently there is very little if any at all education regarding Black people taught in Canadian history, making it seem like Black people are a recent addition to this nation, which we are not. It is now public record that slavery existed, thrived, and ran rampant in Canada, and it is time for that to be acknowledged and formally taught amongst other Black experiences. We demand that racist anti-Black historical events be included and taught extensively, such as but not limited to: Africville, Hogan’s Alley, Code Noir, Birchtown, The Imperial Statue of 1790, The Black Loyalist Exodus, Maroons of Halifax in 1796, The Wilberforce Settlement, The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 and others to be determined by Black folks. These events occurred, with documentation as proof, so there is no reason that in 2020 this content is not already being taught.

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4 months ago