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Petitioning Mayor of Valdosta John Gayle and 5 others

The City of Valdosta: Discontinue Providing Permits To Animal Circuses

Thanks to undercover footage and ex-trainers, animal abuse in the circus industry has been exposed more than ever. This includes circuses such as Ringling Brothers, Cole Beatty, Carson and Barnes and The Shrine Circus. The animal welfare act was written to protect exotic animals just as much as domestic. Please urge the city of Valdosta, Ga. and surrounding counties to discontinue supporting animal circuses and to deny them the permits allowing them to perform here.

For more information on animal circus cruelty, you can visit the following:






Letter to
Mayor of Valdosta John Gayle
City Councilman At-Large Ben H. Norton
Animal Welfare Director Linda Patelski
and 3 others
Chamber of Commerce President Myrna Ballard
City Manager Larry Hanson
Parks and Rec Grounds/Facilities Coordinator Steve Scott
Please reconsider providing permits to animal circuses. Trainers who work for circuses such as Cole Beatty, Carson and Barnes, Ringling Brothers, The Piccadilly Circus and The Shrine Circus have been caught on film abusing the elephants with bull hooks, whips, tasers and electric rods. Some ex-trainers have confessed in court that it occurs daily. Animal circuses such as the ones listed, have a long history receiving fines by the USDA due to their failure to provide the animals proper care.

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