Save heritage houses and 8 mature trees on The Avenue in Midland from being demolished.

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Heritage homes on The Avenue in Midland need to be listed as Category 2 on the City’s Heritage list as they have considerable significance to the locality. The houses – including an Anzac home – have no protection on a category that lets the City of Swan quietly demolish them.  The city's planning to put a carpark on it...  We say regig the 11ha design to keep this tiny street and it's beautiful heritage homes (that house our history) and pop the carpark in another spot.   Eight mature QLD Box trees that line The Avenue also face the chop – in a bizarre plan to cull them and replace them with smaller trees...   This is a shocking waste of ratepayer money – and premature as the Midland Oval redevelopment is still in its infancy stage – all the properties around the oval have not been bought and the expected development time frame is 20 years.   The trees and houses earmarked for demolition are not set to be developed for (possibly) decades… with plans still not finalised.   In the meantime –  please let us keep our amenity, trees and heritage!   Please sign this petition, to lodge at a council meeting on August 28 and help us fight for better planning.