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QUICK NOTE!!!  As we greatly appreciate all of the support for this petition, please be aware, as it has just come to our attention that the donation option specifically funds for their services, and does not go to the store. Please do not feel obligated to donate. -RCL 10.5.19

As hard as it is to write this it’s come to our attention that Rip City Skates at 2709 Santa Monica Blvd. Is scheduled to be demolished sometime in the near future. It is our understanding that the store plans to relocate and not close but the purpose of this post is to raise awareness on this issue. This store is more than just a skate shop, Jim and Bill have created an environment that has fostered the skate community of Santa Monica for over 40 years. It's also Los Angeles’s oldest continuously operated skate shop. It’s upsetting to our community that the city of Santa Monica would overlook it’s cultural relevance to the city itself. Its significance in skateboard history is well known and respected worldwide. Today we are asking for you to sign this petition in our effort to have the city deem Rip City skates a historical landmark. Thank you for your time. - Rip City Locals #saveripcityskates