Reform parking pay stations in Santa Monica to reduce waste!

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This petition is meant to urge the City of Santa Monica to upgrade their parking pay stations in order to reduce the waste caused by plastic parking tickets and receipts. These plastic parking tickets and receipts are not biodegradable, may travel into waterways, poses an ingestion risk to local wildlife and is a general littering nuisance.

The picture shown above is an actual picture taken at the City of Santa Monica’s recycling centre to highlight the rising problem. 

There are alternatives available that would mitigate this problem. The most obvious solution is to use biodegradable paper or recyclable paper with no plastic coating for the receipt paper. Reusable tokens can be used to replace the use of paper tickets and such tokens are durable for up to 100,000 uses. There are pay stations available that allow people to enter their license plate number directly into the machine or they are able to use their credit/debit card to get in and out of the lot. These machines streamline the process by eliminating the need to print a ticket. Additionally, signs can be placed to encourage people to use paperless parking payment apps and also to dissuade patrons from printing a receipt.

This petition is to be presented to the City of Santa Monica. The City of Santa Monica is a national leader in implementing environmental policies and thus will encourage other cities to follow suit. By singing this petition, you are compelling the city to take this small yet significant initiative. The City of Santa Monica has always been dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and to reducing waste. Updating the parking pay stations is a great way to reflect the city’s commitment towards the environment. 


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