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Candlestick is located in one of the last open areas on the SF bay! The city of SF owns this property which means the tax payers of San Francisco should have a say in it's future. Memories for millions have been made here in Bay View Heights. The Giants, the 49ers, Concerts (Metallica, Day on the Green, The Beatles last concert), & many many memories made here. I am appealing to the good people of the Bay Area & beyond to help keep this area dedicated to sports & music. I propose a plan similar to Kezar Stadium. With mixed use events for the community! Bay View could use a healthy place to have farmers markets & a jogging path! Imagine a field where you & I could hit balls into th outfield like our heros once did. This area needs a place where dreams can come true & a place field to express there desires. This land belongs to the tax payers of SF! I demand we work together & take this to the people to a vote. The future of Candlestick it should not just be up to big development! I propose a people's park!

Please help me get this message to the people who control the $ & make big decisions which impact our community. As a child I grew up here in SF & being an inner city child I can tell you how important having space is! We need more trees, more gardens, more grass, more nature & more places to play. Imagine if our heros didn't have a place to harness their craft! Please pass this on & share a story from your Candlestick.....

Thank You for listening & let's make a positive change for the land & it's people!

Letter to
City Hall The City Of San Francisco
Commission Parks & Recreation Department San Francisco
We the people demand a vote pertaining to the future of OUR beloved Candlestick Park. We do not see this as another development opportunity to bring more condos into the city. Rather we see this as an opportunity create a unique space for the community. A mixed used space much like Kezar Stadium former home to the SF 49ers. Currently, at Kezar people can run laps, play football, soccer, train for marathons, & much more. This is a wonderful model of what could be the future of Candlestick Park.

Bay View Hieghts is a neglected area of the city with little opportunity for the people living close by. With high rates of asthma I feel it's imperative to have a plan to create more open space here. A plan should encourage outdoor healthy activity, a community garden, jogging paths, farmers markets, community events, concerts, sports, & public events. I do not feel that privatizing this land & cutting the community off from this area is a good idea. The current plan I have viewed hosts a Mall & Condos. This area needs vitality & opportunity. Look at Crissy Field where dogs can be walked & people can gather. Develop a Bay Area where small local business can flourish not just large Mall chains. This current plan does not keep in mind what is best for the health & vitality of Bay View Heghts.

I appeal to you as our Mayor & the The Parks & Rec Department to work with the community to develop a more just plan. We the people demand a say in the future of Candlestick.

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