The City Of San Francisco: Build a suicide prevention barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge

Suicide are often the result of bullying and slandering! Bullying, stalking, Cybermobbing, internet slandering, abuse and rape are already a worldwide epidemic. Still mostly nobody has an ear for victims and since most victims are women/girls/kids/disabled persons and most perpetrators are males, yet nothing changes. Stalking, internet slandering, online defamation and rape are felonies and a crime against all humanity. These crimes destroy every day millions of people, especially women, girls, female children worldwide. If we want to call ourselves civilized, this must be stopped and it must emergency numbers, crisis centers, help centers and specialist units for stalking and gang rapes are created. It can not be that women and children receive no protection from criminals in our modern world..

Anita Kanitz, Stuttgart, Germany
7 years ago
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