Lights for Grace

Lights for Grace

19,024 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
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The City of Regina

Why this petition matters

Started by Ashley Gottselig

In honor of my dear friend and coworker, I am starting the petition in order to have traffic lights or at the very least, crosswalk lights put up at the intersection on Albert St south by Save On Foods.

This intersection connects one of the busiest roads in Regina with an east and west service road. Currently there is one small black and white pedestrian crossing sign and one stop sign on each of the service roads connecting.

I, along with many other coworkers have to cross this busy intersection twice per day to be able to get to our work place. There are many people who cross this intersection to get to the bus stop at the corner, as well as many high-school students who use this intersection every day on their breaks. 

Speaking for myself, there are countless times during rush hour traffic I have been almost hit. I am fully aware of the risks of crossing a busy intersection, I look where I am going, I wait for traffic to pass, but due to the high traffic flow you generally have no choice but to cross when at least one vehicle is passing or near to passing. There have been countless times I have said out loud to my coworkers how I have almost been hit by a car, while I've had the driver make direct eye contact with me the entire time due to the fact that this is not a clearly marked pedestrian crossing. 

Please sign this petition so no more lives have to be lost. Please send a message directly to The City of Regina begging for this. There have been countless requests for a change in this intersection with zero action. The city was able to put brand new sidewalks in within the past year, but still no lights. Something needs to change and it needs to happen now.

19,024 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!