Help Keep People who are Homeless Warm with a Warming Center!

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Donna Westbrook
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Portsmouth and the Seacoast Area have people who are homeless living on the streets. Portsmouth can have severe cold and stormy weather in the winter. Let's help people who are homeless get a break from severe cold and stormy weather by providing them with a 24 hour warming center in Portsmouth. 

Imagine if it were you, being out in the below freezing weather, day after day, with no way to warm your body but to keep moving or to try and find enough blankets and maybe a tent to try to sleep. This wears down a person's body and soul!

Portsmouth can do better, WE are better than this! Provide a 24 hour warming center and show that you care about those less fortunate as being as much deserving of a warm place to lay their heads as anyone! 


Petition Letter is as follows:

Help Keep People who are Homeless Warm with a Warming Center!
Please consider using one of the many municipal buildings available to the public for emergency 24 hour shelter for people who are homeless and out on the streets of Portsmouth, to come in from the cold or stormy weather.
Just because we live in the "Live Free or Die" state does not mean we have to let people suffer and die in the severe cold and stormy days Portsmouth has several times each winter.
While Portsmouth is known for it's tourism, history and arts to name a few, lets make it a city we can really be proud of by helping those really who need our help. It is the right and honorable thing to do!

This letter will be going directly to the City Manager and the City Council are also recipients via The City Manager because she is the only one with a public email address.