Safety changes for the Peirce Island 'Dog Park'- Tuuk's Story

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The Peirce Island Dog Park located in Portsmouth NH is one of the greatest parks for dog loving locals. Dog owners come from towns, and some even states away to enjoy what this park has to offer. It is a community to many. One of the greatest attributes to the dog park is that it allows dogs who respond to commands to be off leash. This allows them to run down the trails, through the woods, and into the waters. The downfall of the park however, is the parking lot and dead end road that cuts through the dog park. Although many regulars know of this risk, and drive with caution, there are cars who are unfamiliar to the area who drive much too fast. There are no off leash signs, no speed limits, and no stop signs. Further up the road while the Peirce Island Pool is open, the city puts up a stop sign so adults and children do not get hit. This dog park needs the same. Last week, a 9 month old puppy was hit and passed away on the way to the emergency vet. He was responding to the command of his owner. How many more dogs have to lose their lives before something is done. We, the petitioners request the following-

1.       A stop sign on the road going into the dog park area so cars will slow down and are aware of the area they are entering.

2.       A CAUTION sign that states off leash dog park

3.       A barrier fence dividing the grass area and road where dogs are often meeting up.

We do not want to lose this park, and all of the above could help prevent losing any more lives. Please take this into consideration. Something needs to be done.

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