Petitioning the City/City Council of Port Angeles, WA to pave our gravel roads.

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This petition has been created by Sidney Murphy, a concerned resident of West 13thstreet Port Angeles, WA. This petition is address to the City of Port Angeles, WA and the City Council of Port Angeles, WA and its members; Mayor Kate Dexter, Deputy Mayor Navarra Carr, and Council Members Mike French, Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin, LaTrisha Suggs, and Brendan Meyear.
We, the residents of West Port Angeles, WA (‘I’ street, specifically west 13th, west 12th, west 11thand west 10th) are requesting that the City Council of Port Angeles, WA and the City of Port Angeles, WA use the yearly City Improvement funds to pave our gravel roads. We have been waiting for over 20 years for the city and council to hear our pleas and to understand that these unpaved gravel roads are a major issue in our neighborhood.
On top of being an eyesore, hindering our ability to have pride in our community, they also pose a serious safety risk to our persons and properties.
-      In the dry season the city has to constantly come out to spray down the roads to prevent dust. This is valuable time that they are taking to come out and do this, and we apricate their care. But the spray doesn’t help, the dust still fills the air; affecting our neighbors who have health risks and our elderly neighbors who should not be living in dust filled conditions. A paved road would remove the dust and allow us to enjoy our walks and yard time in the summer.
-      The wet season brings floods of mud and debris, making the roads very slick and unreliable. Our drains are clogged from all of this debris, rocks and mud… which in return causes our yard to flood, risking the integrity of our houses and their foundations. A properly paved road would improve the drainage of our streets and protect our yards and foundation from major water damage.
-      In the cold season temperatures drop to freezing overnight, making the mud filled potholes freeze over. This of course makes for dangerous road conditions, where a properly paved road would improve traction for not only cars but our residents (specifically elderly neighbors) who like to bike and walk these roads. They are a serious crash and fall risk.
This issue has been ongoing for over 20 years, with constant pleas to the city resulting in the estimate of a huge number that our neighbors do not have the capacity to afford. It is unfair to our lower income neighbors to have to pay out of pocket, with “extra” money that they do not have, to be able to have pride in their community and ensure their safety. It is also unfair to make them suffer with these roads that are unsafe and unreliable, based on their financial capabilities… or lack thereof. People shouldn’t be punished for their financial situations, and everyone should have equal right to a safe living environment that they can take pride in and enjoy. My neighbors have worked in Port Angeles for decades, giving their time and energy for the betterment of the community… they deserve something in return.
We are asking OUR city, the city that we call home and have raised our children in, The City of Port Angeles to hear us. We need your support, in our effort to improve our neighborhood and the greater community. We are asking OUR City Council to support us in this matter, by providing financial support to fix the issue of our unpaved roads, in an effort to show that they care about ALL of their resident’s safety and wellbeing… despite financial situations.