Please Bring the Christmas Nativity back to Perth City 2020

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RE: Christmas Nativity Cancelled in The City Of Perth 
We are asking the City of Perth Chief Commissioner Andrew Hammond to - Bring Back The Christmas Nativity, the story of Jesus Christ’s Birth to Forrest Chase for 2020 and beyond. 
The Christmas Nativity Production has been going on in the City of Perth for the last 23 years and now it’s cancelled by the City Of Perth Commissioners.
The story of Jesus and the meaning of Christmas is told through the wonderful Live Christmas Nativity Show for over two decades, it’s inclusive of all abilities with a pre-show that gives everyone the opportunity to be part of the Christmas spirit, it has brought great joy to the thousands of people young and old that attend every year from across WA and those who visits Perth from the Eastern States and overseas to spend time with their families at Christmas time, or those who are simply visiting our beautiful City. We the people want the City Of Perth Commissioners to reinstate the Christmas Nativity into the heart of our city, and let the wider community enjoy the story and meaning of Christmas. There is great disappointment and disbelief amongst Christians and Non-Christians alike that the most successful, enjoyable family event filled with hope, love and Christian celebrations is cancelled and replaced for the first time in two decades in The City Of Perth for 2020. We want this popular Christian event back on the calendar and this to continue, there is huge support from the public to have the Christmas Nativity available to all of us to attend and enjoy with our children, extended families and friends. We the people have the right to keep the true meaning of Christmas and Jesus Christ alive in our City. Jesus is the ONLY reason for Christmas and we are asking the City of Perth commissioners to stop taking Christ out of Christmas and respect our Christian traditions, Faith and values in a Christian country.

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God Bless you all 

Cáit Sfakianakis