Petition Closed

After more than 30 years as an abandoned vacant lot with overgrown weeds, trash, and rodents, the community decided to take back their neighborhood and turn the ugly lot into a community garden.  Now the lot is no longer an eyesore but a place where trees and flowers grow, where neighbors can grow vegetables and meet up, and where children learn about gardening and growing their own food. 

The community garden, however, is located on a private lot.  And the private lot owner wants to sell the lot to a developer who plans to build four 3-family apartment buildings on the property.  So that means no more community garden or open space in our neighborhood and even more apartment buildings in an already congested residential area.

We have to act fast.  We're asking the City of New York to intervene to save the Elmhurst Community Garden by negotiating with the property owner to preserve the lot as a permanent community garden.

Help us save the Elmhurst Community Garden by spreading the word to your friends and family and by signing this petition so we can show the City that this garden is valued by its community.

Letter to
Elected Officials of the City of New York
Save the Elmhurst Community Garden

The Elmhurst Community Garden represents the reclamation of an abandoned and neglected lot into a clean and environmentally-friendly flower and vegetable garden.

Countless volunteers have dedicated their time, effort, and talents into transforming this space into an urban oasis.

We, the signatories, declare our support in any and all efforts to render the existing community garden space noted above as a permanent community garden.