Save Hansen Park

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The fields of Hansen Park which were used by children's leagues, schools, churches, families and neighborhood residents for decades are now currently destroyed and not scheduled to be replaced. The RCWD (Rice Creek Watershed District) project, which had been presented as "an opportunity for the city to improve or modify ball fields and trails", has instead resulted in their destruction, leaving ugly, unsafe, unstable, dredged soil piles and large ditches, and the park is still flooding.

We would like the Mayor and City Council to explain why the plans were changed without notification and communicate its plans to correct and complete this project and protect this once valuable city asset. Who is managing this project? Why were the baseball fields not replaced? Why were the dredge piles not removed? Why is there a waterlogged and weed filled ditch along the west side of the park? Why were all the additional trees removed? Why has the flooding not been resolved? Why was the original federally funded 'safe route to school' trail removed? Why is the new path beginning to form large crevices? Why was budgeted money spent on Lions Park?

We would like the Mayor and City Council to present an explanation and schedule for filling the ditches and implementing more reasonable, gradual slopes from the park boundaries to the ponds, being respectful of the users of the park and the owners of the adjacent homes. We would like to see the plans for replanting, for reconstruction of more safe and stable trails, reconstruction fields and play areas, and a maintenance plan, start and completion dates, and a reopening date for the park's public use.