The City of Mukilteo, WA: Priority for Flashing Crosswalk Signs at the Endeavour Elementary School Crosswalk.

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I'm a new mom to Endeavour Elementary and I started this petition to keep our children safe!

My daughter started kindergarten this year and I am very frustrated at the poor signage, failing to yield at the main crosswalk, and the lack of enforcement of the school zone speed limit.

A few days into school I was crossing at the school crosswalk after having dropped my daughter off at school. I was already in the middle of the crosswalk when a speeding red Honda had to slam on their breaks to keep from hitting me.

         ***Imagine if it were a child and the red Honda never stopped.***            

We need to band together as a community to prevent avoidable accidents happening to our children and the people of Mukilteo! 

When my daughter started school I asked about the crossing guard and crosswalk situation in the school office on 9/04/13. They said they didn't have enough staffing to have crossing guards earlier than 8:30am and at the 2:30pm dismissal time for K-2, but would help with advocating for more crosswalk and school safety. They also mentioned that they had previously and still are trying to ask the city for help but that the city listens more to the parents than the school itself. Sad.

A week later on 9/11/13 I went to the Mukilteo City Hall to put in a complaint about how the crosswalk paint was not visible anymore and to tell them how uncontrolled the school crosswalk and school zone is. I asked about putting in a flashing light crosswalk system like the one at the Mukilteo Public Library. They said they had it in the budget but didn't know when or where it was going to go. The next day they were painting the crosswalk which I greatly appreciate. But the problem is still prevalent!

9/19/13 I went to the Mukilteo Police Department to put in yet another complaint. I was told they were "aware of the situation" and that an email would be sent but the area would probably not be patrolled because of the lack of staff. I asked if I could post signs at the crosswalk or even stand on the sidewalk with a sign while school dismissals were going on. I was told that I wouldn't be able to do that because it's city property. I felt like they treated me like just another problem.

I am very disappointed in the responses I've gotten from the school, city, and law enforcement. This is a huge problem and something needs to be done asap! I hope you will sign this petition and pass it along to your friends, families, and local businesses. The safety of children should be top priority!

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