Save the open space connected to John Muir

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John Muir is known as the Father of our National Park System and he co-founded the Sierra Club in 1892. The land once part of his famous 2,600 acre ranch is threatened by development and needs your help. Please sign the petition and ask the City of Martinez to protect this beautiful open space for all future generations.

The ridgeline in this photo is the highest elevation hill in the City of Martinez, and the only land once owned exclusively by John Muir.  Filled with huge heritage oak trees, rising 680 feet above sea level, imagine John Muir would watch the sunset from this ridgeline, feeling the sun's energy and wind that shapes the majestic trees.  How often did this hill inspire Muir?   Our nation's greatest environmentalists, who saved Yosemite, and who's legacy of preserving the wilderness is more relevant today than ever.   With 360 degree views, and home to federally endangered wildlife species, this land could become a historical tribute to John Muir, an urban wilderness open to the public to enjoy, not bulldozed for 106 homes and over 400 trees removed.

The spirit of Muir is alive on the Alhambra Hills, let's save it!  Please sign the petition! 

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