Parking Issue in the "Walks" of Long Beach

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Parking in the "Walks" nieghborhood of the City of Long Beach, has always been a problem. However, due to new zoning laws the parking problem is growing worse with every home that is lifted to comply with the city's new zoning laws. The "Walks" is a unique neighborhood with houses that face both the streets and homes that are located in and face the walk. On average, for every one (1) Walks home that faces the street there are three (3) homes that face and are located inside walk. Those homes that face the walk must park on the street in front of other neighbors' homes. Under the new zoning laws, every home that is lifted must now include off street parking with a driveway width ranging from minimum of 9 feet to a maximum of 25 feet. These requirements are great for all homes facing the street, but pose a serious issue for our neighbors who live in the walks. For every home that is lifted, the neighborhood losses parking spaces on the street. While the homes that lift will always have their personal parking, the homes on the walks are losing more and more parking with each home that lifts, and they do not have personal off street parking. If every home facing the street lifted there would never be sufficient parking for the homes located on the walks. Ironically, the parking issue gets exponentially worse for the walks homes, not better, with each home that gets lifted. We recognize that this has been a unintended consequence of the new zoning laws passed after Sueprstorm Sandy. We also recognize that the West End has been grappling with a similar situation. If this is an issue for the west end, it is an exponentially worse problem for he walks. 

Therefore, we respectfully ask the City of Long Beach to recognize and address this issue to the best of their ability so there can be a fair and equitable solution to this growing parking problem.


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