Pedestrian Safety Needs to be Improved at Rocky Mountain Blvd West!

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To enhance pedestrian safety along Rocky Mountain Blvd West for the students of Dr. Gerald B. Probe Elementary and Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School. The local pedestrian safety infrastructure requires improvement to reflect the increased population in the area.

Pedestrian and vehicular traffic along Rocky Mountain Blvd has increased significantly since SJF opened. The student population of Probe is currently 617 students and the student population of SJF is currently 483 students, which totals 1100 students.

Increased parking/traffic frustration for parents has resulted in unsafe driving practices which puts children in harms way regularly.

A solar-powered pedestrian-activated flashing crosswalk light should be installed across the western-most crosswalk at the T-Intersection of Rocky Mountain Blvd and Mt. Burke Blvd.

A curb extension called a “bulb-out curb” should also be installed at all 3 crossing points of this intersection. A bulb-out curb would also extend the sidewalk into the road to reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians and allow better sight lines for both pedestrians and approaching vehicles.

A bulb-out curb should also be installed at all 4 corners of the Intersection of Rocky Mountain Blvd & Mt. Rundle Blvd. Parents regularly park in these crosswalks and it’s a challenge for children to cross safely here as there are often “close calls” of vehicles vs children.

A Green Left Turn Arrow should be installed at the intersection of Rocky Mountain Blvd and University Drive.

For the reasons provided, I propose that The City of Lethbridge act in a pro-active manner in upgrading the current pedestrian safety infrastructure, as suggested, along Rocky Mountain Blvd before a child is seriously injured or killed.  

I request that these upgrades be included in the 2019-2020 City of Lethbridge Transportation Budget for construction to be completed during the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year.