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The city of Lakewood, OH: Stop allowing non-recyclable take-out containers to be used in Lakewood, OH

The city of Lakewood is known to be a very recycling friendly town. Here you recycle almost anything. But you cannot recycle styrofoam food & drink containers. Styrofoam is not biodegradeable and contains dangerous and toxic substances proven to be of risk to our bodies and our planet. Many cities across the US have already banned the use of styrofoam, and I believe Lakewood should be among those leading cities. Almost every restaurant in Lakewood uses styrofoam take-out containers. And, other than the Root Cafe, I don't know any places that serve coffee to-go in styrofoam free cups. My feeling is that, if we have no way to recycle such a prevalent product, then we shouldn't allow that product to be given out so freely in our town. Let's keep our earth and our bodies healthy, come together, and sign. And, one day, these places will be forced to use health & earth-friendly alternatives. For more information on the dangers of styrofoam, please visit this site:

Thank you,

Stephanie Urban

Lakewood resident & Local artist

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