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For many years, concerned parents and local residents have complained about the consistent high vehicle speeds and the lack of safe pedestrian crossings along Sir John A. MacDonald Blvd. (SJA) south of Bath Rd. It is not uncommon for vehicles to travel more than 20 km/h above the posted speed limit, while pedestrians and other active commuters are faced with limited and widely dispersed safety infrastructure. 

Recently, residents and Community Associations from Portsmouth, Williamsville and Sydenham Districts, working with their local Councillors, have identified a number of safety "hot spots" on SJA. Heavily used by pedestrians and other active commuters, these crossings pose significant health and safety risks to residents, many being school-aged children and the elderly. These "hot spots" include:

  • Bath Rd & SJA intersection
  • LCVI/Library pathway crossing;
  • MacPherson crossing;
  • Norman Rogers Dr. & Palace Rd. Express Bus
  • Johnson St. & SJA

Pedestrians and other active commuters use these crossings to access: elementary, middle and high schools; seniors' residences; Queen’s international residences; the Kingston Centre and its public transportation hub; a library; a centre for adults with special needs; the Kingston YMCA; parks, a skate park and sport fields.

A new Express bus stop has been installed at Palace Road, increasing pedestrian volume crossing Sir John A. between Palace Rd and Norman Rogers Dr.

The future completion of the Queen's University Richardson Stadium upgrade is expected to exacerbate existing challenges, with increased traffic volumes at the Johnson/SJA intersection.

Finally, with the pending closure of QECVI, in September 2016 there will be about 200 additional QECVI students, plus faculty and staff, travelling daily through these "hot spots" to LCVI (by car, Kingston Transit, walking and other active transit). Numbers will only increase with the planned closure of KCVI.

City staff in the traffic management division have indicated there are no current plans for any new traffic safety measures for this area in the existing 4-year plan (2015-2018). The concerns raised above about the safety risk on SJA are “on the list to be considered within the next 4-year plan (2019-2022).”

This is unacceptable. This petition supports efforts to work with City Councillors, City Staff and the School Board to begin the process of addressing these on-going safety risks, on an urgent basis, before the commencement of the 2016-2017 school year. 

Consideration is being sought for a comprehensive solution to include any and all short, medium and long term options to address the safety risks at each of the multiple “hot spots,” including such measures as:

  • increased police presence;
  • reduced speed limits (school zone 40 km/hr);
  • portable vehicle speed indicators;
  • enhanced signage for children and elderly;
  • pedestrian activated traffic crossings;
  • timing changes to signal lights;
  • flashing lights and clearly marked crossings;
  • traffic calming measures; and
  • wheelchair accessible pedestrian overpasses.

Thank you for your support.

The Sir John A. MacDonald Safety Working Group

 Candice Christmas, Williamsville

Sue Bazely, Williamsville

Bruce Bursey, Portsmouth

Donald Mitchell, Sydenham

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