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City Council, Stop The Ban of Sudbury Large Snakes!

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On behalf of Evelyn Paulette Theresa Leblanc who brought this to our attention:

Please share!!! Attention all reptile owners in Sudbury, Ontario. In case you are not aware, there is a new bylaw in place for Sudbury as of 36 days ago. No snake or lizard beyond (4)four feet in length is allowed as a pet within the city anymore. Now obviously whoever wrote this bylaw has absolutely zero education in reptiles or reptile ownership seeing as most domestication snake species naturally grow beyond this by the second or third year. So I am asking that anyone here who owns snakes or reptiles of any sort to please do everyone a favour and call the by law office (ill edit the post to include the phone number.) and complain. If possible, better yet, try to take the time to write a letter explaining how this law is more harmful than good. It's not like they can even house the amount of snakes they'd have to apprehend anyways, they don't have room or resources to support those kinds of animals for long periods of time to begin with. Guys, we NEED to raise hell about this before they start enforcing this BS. CALL the BYLAW OFFICE, NOW!! Call 311 and ask for the by law office. Please share and sign the petition!!!…/anim…/animal-control-by-law/

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