Keep The Decks 166 year old Beer Garden Open! The Geelong Council wants it shut down!

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As for now our BEER GARDEN is currently OPEN but  The City of Greater Geelong council is forcing close on our 166yr old establishment even though we have complied with all their demands and it's had to come to us starting this petition as we feel we are getting bullied beyond relief. We have spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollar to comply and they continue to bully and try and run us into the ground, thank God for our loyal customer base.

If this all goes through, the entire hospitality scene in Geelong will change and that's guaranteed, you will see even more tighter regulations on venues and you will definitely see more venues shut shop. It's really a case of The Big Guys vs The Little Guys here and as you have seen in the past the local support for The Deck has been amazing, so thank you for backing us! 

Food for thought: By taking this away you are risking taking food off the table for 38 inclusive staff members now to mention also includes security, cleaners, reps & more... Have you thought about that Geelong Council? 

Please 'LIKE' 'SHARE' & 'COMMENT' on any article, post or any piece of media you see, our beer garden needs to stay open, for the town and for the people.

The Deck Geelong