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The City of Glendale: Preserve the historic sites in Glendale, Arizona

To not only preserve the history of Glendale but also the history of the United States. History shows the efforts made by people in the past to ensure a better life for those in the present. Their accomplishments should be known and honnored in memorium.

Letter to
The City of Glendale
Planning Director, Historic Preservation Officer of the City of Glendale Jon M Froke
History isn't just the past. It tells the story, the efforts, and the hardships of those in the past to provide a stable future for those in the present. Not only that, but these historical sites also inspire current residents of the city to add to the progress. Some efforts are being made to preserve these beautiful sites, but more action needs to be taken. Support the efforts made by these pioneers, support the historical buildings and sites, support the history that made us the great city we are now.

Preserve the historic sites in Glendale, Arizona.

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