Let The Spinning Blowfish play at The Mound!

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We the undersigned, as Edinburgh residents, businesses and visitors, believe and assert: that buskers such as The Spinning Blowfish attract people to The Mound, which is good for local businesses; that street music is an important part of Edinburgh's heritage and should be encouraged, not punished; that a system upholding a handful of complaints- or even a single complaint- against scores of people enjoying the music, including visitors to the city, is unfair and unfit for purpose; that The Mound is a suitable place for musicians to entertain passers-by and try to earn a living, being a large public square in the city centre, near busy roads and not immediately adjacent to any shops or residences.

We note that The Spinning Blowfish have indicated and demonstrated a willingness to co-operate with neighbours and colleagues who are prepared to engage in a spirit of mutual respect- and indeed that the band have already taken steps in response to such informal conversations- but that compromise is impossible with people who wish to stop buskers altogether.

We call for the authorities of this great city to stop treating buskers as criminals; to put in place measures which prevent individuals with a perceived personal grievance or prejudice being allowed to deliberately deprive people of their livelihoods; to again assert the right of musicians to play in open public squares; and to help the festival city, the city of art and culture, to live up to its name.

In short, we call for The Spinning Blowfish and their fellow musicians to be allowed to continue to play at The Mound in the summertime, as they have for the past few years.