Build a Statue of Lady Mary Shepherd in Edinburgh

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Lady Mary Shepherd (1777-1847) was a philosopher of the Scottish Enlightenment of similar calibre to David Hume - she should also be remembered with a statue!

A statue of her would help to uncover a little known yet important female philosopher from the past, who deserves to be part of a canon in which women are still underrepresented. It would change the public perception of philosophy, and encourage more women to pursue it.

Mary Shepherd is considered one of the first Scottish female philosopher and hosted salons attended by a diverse group of great thinkers. She wrote on metaphysics and causality, and criticised Hume's theories. She wrote two long Treatises and was a major influence on the Edinburgh School. William Whewell (1794-1866) used a Treatise she wrote as a textbook at Cambridge University.

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(Cover Photo: Detail from painting by Alexander Nasmyth, depicting the family of
Neil 3rd Earl of Rosebery in the grounds of Dalmeny House.
Courtesy of Dalmeny Estates.)