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Fire the Police Officer that shot Xaviar in the back of the head twice.


This type of cruelty to animals should not be accepted anywhere, Especially by the Police. Family pets are covered under the fourth amendment and the City of Easton in PA has not even named the shooter let alone do anything about what the officer did in regards to my rights or the cruelty set forth against my puppy Xaviar!!

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Mayor Of Easton Sal Panto
Captain of Police Scott Casterline
Chief of Police Carl Scalzo
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Animal Control Animal Control
City Council Dr. Roger Ruggles
City Council Jeff Warren
City Council Michael Fleck
City Council Sandra Vulcano
Code Administrator Cindy Cawley
IT Manager Frank Caruso
Human Resourses Director Pat Glory
City Council Dr. Elinor Warner
City Council Ken Brown
City Administrator Glen Steckman
Captain of Police David Beitler
Fire the Police Officer that shot Xaviar in the back of the head twice.
You have an officer on your force that brutally shot my puppy Xaviar twice in the back of his head as he was running away. The officer was 2 yards away. Xaviar died less than a foot away from his fenced in property. The cop then pointed his gun at me and threatened to shoot me if I went near my dying dog! I was unarmed and extremely scared! I had made a report with the police department the day before with Matt stating the neighbor had left my dogs out of my yard, Matt was in my yard to attest to all the fencing and the locks, but he never put the report through until after my puppy was shot. I have eye witnesses that state there was no one in the yard when the officer arrived. The eye witness saw the entire horrific scene. Matt needs major disciplinary action and the shooter needs to be identified then fired and banned from ever owning a gun. He was not in least worried about the safety of the community be shooting across three open back yards with 3 backer alley's. As well this officer broke my 4th amendment right by shooting a non aggressive family dog. I also have many people who can attest to the temperament of my puppy! He was not even a year old yet! He was facing the opposite way of the police office making it rather difficult for the officer to be in immediate danger. As well the officer was 2 yards away making it also difficult to taze the dog. A tranquiller that are custom in these situations, was never even attempted. All patrol cars are equipped with tranquiller. Why when an officer responds to a dog incident is not his first response be the tranquiller or tazer or maybe even just wound the dog if absolutely necessary? What made this man shoot my puppy from 2 yards away while he was facing the opposite direction, running through waist high grass ( that was reported to the city over 8 times )? Nothing makes sense to what your officer did. He is cruel and heartless and definitely trigger happy. We must protect ourselves as well as our pets from the Easton Police Department. Where is my protect and serve? You took my family and tore it apart. There is no bringing back my baby. Your cop took my baby away. How am I or any one else in the city going to feel safe when they know how much you are protecting this man. Name him!! Badge number 1724. I will never forget it! I can't even go on. Justice for Xaviar!!!

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