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The city of Chico: Put a stoplight at the intersection of 8th and Ivy as well as 9th and Ivy.

It is time-consumning to sit at the stop sign while cars go by for minutes on end without getting your turn to cross the street. It is also dangerous because there are usually cars parked on the sides of the street so you cannot see when cars are coming. One might think a car is not coming and then start crossing the street, which then might lead to a car accident. There is also little regard for pedestrians when the cars are moving towards them and they usually don't stop to allow pedestrians to cross. It is not safe to have such a large volume of students and other pedestrians trying to cross such a busy street without the aid of stoplights or crosswalks. With the intersections being as they are now (i.e. without lights or proper crosswalks) you might as well ask the pedestrians to walk across a freeway unaided. It is important to ensure the safety of the residents of Chico, and therefore a traffic light must be installed at the intersection of 8th and Ivy as well as 9th and Ivy.

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