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RACING - the most sought after Topic of the moment. So many people sharing unsought opinions about a recent, tragic accident and racing in general. It is unfair to talk ill about the involved party's decissions and how those who race are wreckless, selfish, stupid etc. We need to stop bashing those who are into racing and help them. We all have our hobbies. And that's what it is - a hobby. Like I was chosen by the shopping gods to love shopping, there are people who were chosen by the racing gods to fall inlove with cars and racing. There is only one thing that is wrong here - ILLEGAL street racing. We all understand that there is a track! So it's ok for them to go ahead, love their cars, love their racing and love spectating! But this all needs to be done at the right time & at the right place. We all need to enjoy our hobbies responsibly. There is however a problem with our system here though, and its that they need to make better provision for our racers just as they do in the US. Give them a road to race on so they dont have to do so ILLEGALLY! our system has failed so many people in the past in so many different ways. And there are SO many cases to prove this. Having a killarney or saladana racing track is a step but the fact that it only opens certain times of the year is not very helpful. I know I'd go insane if canal walk wasnt open everyday. Infact, I wish it was festive all the time so that shopping hours were extended so I can only imagine how car fanatics may feel.

Individuals who enjoy fishing have an entire ocean to enjoy their hobby at any time of day. There are so many dead, unused roads. The city MUST assign a road to car fanatics to make use of at any time and day. And one that is easily accessible, perhaps one in the northern suburbs and one in the southern suburbs. Let's make this legal, & easily accessible. It would be a responsible decision on every individuals side and the city's side as well to have a road assigned. We need to take hints and tips from the US. Legal street racing at it's best. Instead of listening to monotonous rants about illegal street racing being irresponsible and stupid and the list goes on..... why not help them! With that being said, whoever is interested in getting an assigned road and getting racers off our roads ensuring better road safety for all, please sign this petition as a step towards taking legal and responsible action. This way we all win. #YESTOLEGALSTREETRACING