We stand in support of the repurposing projects helping the community @ 23 Borden Street.

We stand in support of the repurposing projects helping the community @ 23 Borden Street.

August 5, 2020
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Started by Bridget Caskenette

This is our little slice of community support\giving. We have always received nothing but compliments in regards to what we provide for our community & how creative it is, not to mention environmentally friendly!!!


Each week I speak to numerous individuals, each week, walking by about how much joy they get seeing our "free community support". They priase the enjinuity and hard work we put it maintaining an eye pleasing & community supporting initiative.


We take old tires which can not be tosses in the landfill, clean them up and paint them. We stacked them and filled them with composted soil and plants. Each year they flourish and grow so many veggies. Neighbours love to pick and eat the yummy foods grown. Kids enjoy learning HOW TO pick and harvest the veggies, and numerous neighbours bring their garden "extras" here to share as well. Leaving them for anyone to take.


We operate on a "take what you need" basis.


Neighbours even contribute plants and water the garden if they are doing their own and notice the free garden could also use a drink.


We offer a free compost bin, which we regularly empty and process in our private compost areas.... Allowing residents whom live in apartment buildings to compost their waste here.. Since they can not do so in their own buildings.


We have a wishing we'll that is also built out of old tires. You can see uts magic in the photos, kids and families have left so many wishes in this wishing well! We have recieved so many compliments on it.


We have a little free pantry, an old cooler which is securely installed and housing food for anyone in need. This gets stocked up by us, as well as by the community. People stop by and add canned food, bread and water for anyone whom may need it. This too operates with a TAKE WHAT YOU NEED, LEAVE WHAT YOU CAN stance. Its quite wonderful to see it grow. We have had su I kind homeless souls stopping in for a bite to eat, and a book from the library.


And that leads us to our Little Free Library- our mini fridge, repurposed into a box full of free books for the entire family. Our fan part is watching families show up and joyously find new adventures to read. This discarded fridge offers a wonderful large space for so many books to be offered. We have books for the entire family. We have recieved so many compliments about our LFL since installing it in 2016.


Neighbours stop by to tell us how much they love bringing bytheir grandchildren, how much they support what we do & always share a smile with a story\memory made by these creations.

We put out clothing for people in need often & its always clean and organized. We check in regularly with those neighbours around us to ensure it all looks presentable and "is okay" - to which I alwayd receive praise and love towards our efforts.

Receiving a notice from City of Cambridge bylaw stating we have garbage, old car parts and garbage all over our yard was nothing but shocking :(


I dont know who called, and I dont understand either. The officer walked through our private backyard and also cited our children's playground as garbage! This too is made of skids, 2x4s and tires to create an agility course\ninja course for oir kids to play on. This is all secure and safe, we play on it as adults too!

When daily we receive praise regarding our recycling and community support- how could anyone see this as harmful??!!!???

We dont understand how the bylaw officer deemed this all as garbage!

Its a sad, sad time when they decide people whom spend most of their time helping others: are junky, trashy and unpresentable.

The officer doesnt work again until Saturday... Meaning i cant talk to him about this all for 7 days after he came. It states we have 14 dsys to comply... So how perfect is it that we can not reach the officer for the initial 7 days!!!!!!! �

Not impressed


Confused, and ultimately heartbroken that such hard work is deemed as garbage. Ive worked so hard for so long, creating so much support for those around us. :(


This petition made change with 141 supporters!

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