Stop the Re-Zoning/Land Use Re-designation of 2837 34 St. SW

Stop the Re-Zoning/Land Use Re-designation of 2837 34 St. SW

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Why this petition matters

Hey Neighbours!  

Were you aware that The City of Calgary has received an application to amend the Land Use Designation/Zoning for the property located at 2837 34 St. SW (Plan 732GN, Block 11, Lot 20 and portion of Lot 19) form Direct Control (DC) District to Residential -Grade-Oriented Infill (R-CG) District? 

Yes, this amendment would allow for 10 New Residences (5 Upper and 5 Below Ground) to be constructed. 

While this community is a proud supporter of growth and infrastructure, the construction of 10 New Residences is a cause of concern.

What does this mean to you, our neighbours and community?

  1. Building Setbacks
  2. Traffic Impact - These units would be directly between 2 Elementary schools with the potential for unecessary accidents and traffic issues.
  3. Potential Privacy Issues
  4. Shadowing of adjacent properties - The building is set to stand 36 ft above ground level, which will shadow neighbouring houses that face west and block sun exposure.
  5. Waste & Recycling (5 units + 5 secondary suites = minimum 15 bins)
  6. Land Use - If we do not act, more of these amendments to Land Use and Zoning will result in unprecedented numbers of potential issues surrounding traffic, electricity, water, etc.
  7. Density
  8. Amount of Parking - The proposed plans show a lack of off street parking/ garages for owners use, which could result in an overflow of vehicles and no parking available for current and future residents.
  9. Lot Coverage.

We are asking for your support in preventing the Land Use Designation/Zoning changes proposed by way of signing this petition. 

  • For further information on uses and rules that apply to different land use designations can be found in the Land Use Bylaw 1P2007 or

Please make your opinion known as we will be submitting all signatures and feedback to the City Clerks Office to be included for their consideration when addressing this issue.

If you would like to attend the public hearing and address City Council, you can register at or by phone at 403-268-5861.

Thank you for your support!

- Your Neighbours and Friends,


229 have signed. Let’s get to 500!