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The City of Calgary Authorities: Expedite the approval of 'Land Amendment' application (No. LOC2009-0085)

Al-Hedaya Islamic Centre is affiliated to Muslim Council of Calgary and represents Muslim community living in the area of Whitehorn, Rundle, Castlerigde, Falconridge, Marlborough, Taradale, Martindale, Saddleridge, Skyview and Redstone. The approximate number of Muslims living in this area is about 25,000.

We are facing much hardship to offer our obligatory five times prayer, as there is not even a single prayer facility for the community of Muslims living in the area of Falconridge, Castleridge, Taradale, Martindale, Saddleridge, Skyview and Redstone areas. This center will provide a facility for the Youth development, Senior care, Women empowerment programs, Cultural learning, Family counseling, Community gathering etc.

This facility at 84th Ave NE, Calgary will not only fulfill the growing community's needs, this will also reduce the traffic and parking issues caused every Friday at Akram Jomma Center (2612, 37th Ave NE, Calgary).

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