Fix Chinguacousy Skate Park

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As someone who’s been skating the Chinguacousy concrete park since before it even opened, it’s painful to witness the condition that it’s in today.

It’s currently a crumbling mess because the concrete was never sealed, and more importantly, due to the City of Brampton’s complete lack of maintenance for this facility.

In the decade that the park’s been there, the city’s done one band-aid patch job on the cracks, which were back to crumbling less than a year later.

According to the city’s Skateboard and BMX Parks page, equipment at Brampton’s skate parks is “inspected to maintain high safety standards.”

One quick stroll around this derelict property will prove what a load of BS this is.

The skate park at Ching is a safety hazard and almost no maintenance has been done on it. Even the planters have chest-high weeds growing out of them.

Every single other facility in Chinguacousy Park has seen upgrades and consistent maintenance, except for the dilapidated mess that is the skate park.

Let’s petition the city to fix Ching once and for all (not just another patch job) and show the level of respect and stewardship for extreme sports spaces that it does for all the other sports facilities in Brampton.