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Start Public Transportation!

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Did you know that Arlington is the biggest city in the United States without public transportation?

Arlington is the home of many attractions including the Cowboys Stadium, Rangers Stadium, Six Flags and the University of Texas at Arlington. UTA has tens of thousands of college students; many of which that do not own cars which leaves walking as their only option, making life on campus much harder. When we pay for our tutition, room and board some of that money goes to the city of Arlington so we as residents deserve the right to public transportation.


There are many Benefits of Public Transportation:

The average household spends 18 cents of every dollar on transportation, and 94% of this goes to buying, maintaining, and operating cars, the largest expenditure after housing.

Households that are likely to use public transportation save about $10,000 every year.

Households near public transit drive an average of 4,400 fewer miles than households with no access to public transit. This equates to an individual household reduction of 223 gallons per year.

One person switching to public transit can reduce daily carbon emissions by 20 pounds, or more than 4,800 pounds in a year.

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So as you can see, Public Transporation in Arlington will impact the lives of UTA students and will also benefit the very world we live in. It will help with traffic and cut down on college students having to rely on friends with cars to get from one place to another. Overall, public transportation is the way to go.


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