Save Kratom in Alton, IL

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As most of you know, the city of Alton has banned Kratom completely from Alton.  Also as most of you know, Kratom is not a harmful substance, and is actually beneficial to thousands of people in the city.  The cheif of police has compared Kratom to bath salts, which is by far completely asinine because the 2 subtances couldn't be any further apart in chemical make-up.  Kratom is a plant that grows in nature and the kratom being sold in Alton is 100% natural from the plant.

Obviously Kratom is not dangerous if the DEA had concerns about it and had plans to schedule it as a drug and then backed off because there was no substancial evidence that it was harmful to the public health.  That's the safety of the entire nation in their hands, so who is the small town of Alton to ban Kratom??

This petition is to remove the ban on Kratom for the city of Alton, IL.