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The city council of San Jacinto, Ca / Parks and Recreation: Build a skate plaza for the youth in our town.

Let take back our parks from the drug dealers, the gang members and even the homeless people, the parks have become a place where kids don't feel comfortable going an neither do parents.  I also feel if we were to provide the youth of today with a skate plaza in our town for a place for them to go and hangout and do what they enjoy doing. Skate boarding has been around and it will never going to die out, its a great why kids can show there talent but they have no place to be able to express it, beside in front of businesses and market places, which is un safe not only for the kids on the skate boards but everyone around them. It has been proven areas that provide a safe place for kids to hangout the community benefits from it as well. Parents will know were there kids are and it keeps the businsses from having to deal with the skate boarders on their property, which is a safety issue. Our town has nothing to offer the kids thats free for after school. Im just a parent who has a son and his friends love to skate board but have no were to go that is safe and in town.

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    The city council of San Jacinto Ca / parks and recreation

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