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Don't develop the wooded area in Big Creek Park to build a fire station when there are plenty of alternative locations that are not environmentally sensitive.

Big Creek Park was purchased in 2006 to prevent the development on one of the last large green spaces left in the City of Roswell. It has since become a regular destination for walkers, hikers, joggers, cyclists and conservationists. But now the park is in danger. The City of Roswell wants to build a fire station on the park land. This would require the removal of acres of trees and moving truckloads of land, which would undoubtedly destroy a sizable area of natural living habitat for the few remaining animals still able to live in the parkland, one of the few natural wooded areas left in the city.
We are asking the City of Roswell to consider the other previously identified viable locations that are not natural green space, where the factors of wooded areas, traffic congestion, and habitat displacement would be less impactful to the land and surrounding communities. 

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