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Stop rising crimes in the City of Richmond, BC Canada!

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In recent months, we, the residents of Richmond, particularly those of us who have frequently used the city's public facilities (Minoru Aquatic Center, Minoru Arenas, and Minoru Park) and parked our cars at the parking lots around these facilities, had either directly become the victims of personal belongings theft or of car break-in or heard about friends or neighbors unfortunately experiencing theft or car break-ins in and around these facilities. These incidents of theft and car break-in have substantially diminished our sense of security and enjoyment when we use these facilities. We are concerned of the value of our belongings and our cars, and to some extent even of our personal safety, especially since the safety situations in and around these facilities do not seem to get better, despite the fact that these incidents had been reported to the Richmond RCMP. 

As responsible Richmondites, we will be more vigilant and careful when we visit these public facilities and park our cars at the city-owned parking lots, but we also want to urge the mayor and councilors of the city of Richmond to pay special attention to this issue and to take concrete measures (for example, organizing public safety awareness events, installing LED lights or/and more surveillance cameras at these parking lots, and increasing police or/and volunteer patrol, etc.) to deter, reduce, and prevent criminal activities in and around these facilities.

近几个月来,列治文市的居民,特别是那些经常使用列治文市公共设施(Minoru 游泳池、滑冰场和田径场)以及在这些设施周围停车的居民,其中部分人的私人物品在这些设施内被偷,有的车窗被打碎,车内东西被洗劫一空,有更多的人则听到朋友或邻居不幸在这些设施内外成为受害者。这些盗窃和洗劫事件严重地影响到我们在使用这些公共设施时的安全感和乐趣。我们担心我们私人物品和汽车的安全,作为有责任心的列治文市民,在使用上述公共设施及停车时,将会更加小心警惕,不过我们也建议市长和市议员们特别关注这件事,采取具体措施(比如,组织活动宣传安全防范意识,在停车场安装LED照明灯或/和监视摄像镜头,增加警员或自愿者巡逻等)以便震慑、减少和防止在这些公共设施内外的犯罪行为。

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