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The City Council of Coral Springs ,Florida: Change city code. Allow domestic minature pigs as indoor household pets.

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Miniature pigs are not only clean and intelligent animals that make wonderful household pets to responsible owners, but also make exceptional therapy pets for people with special needs. Currently, the City of Coral Springs, Florida prohibits miniature pigs from living within the city limits.

As the current city code states," Livestock such as horses, mules, goats, sheep, hogs, pigs, chickens, emus, ducks, geese, or any other hoofed or grazing animal or fowl shall not be permitted as pets... ." It is understandable why this code has been put into place; for the safety of the residents as well as the cleanliness of the town and to prevent farming within the city limits.

However, miniature pigs ( also named tea cup pigs, juliana pigs, micro pigs, etc) are not considered livestock and are clean, domesticated and docile animals that make excellent family pets. Unlike large "farm" pigs, miniature pigs are much smaller. Depending on the breed, their weight can averahe between 50-150 lbs as an adult and normally stand between 12"-18" tall. ( The specific breed that we own is a Juliana pig.  It normally weighs less than 40 lbs and is less than 15" tall as an adult.)
Pigs are hypo-allergenic animals that make great alternative pets for those that are allergic to other animals. They do not smell and do not contract fleas. These animals are extremely clean and shed very little. Miniature pigs that are inside pets can be easily housebroken or litter box trained and trained to walk on a leash with a harness. They are not aggressive, do not bark or make disturbing noises. Miniature pigs also make incredible therapy pets for individuals with special needs because of their loving and affectionate demeanor.

Currently, Broward County allows miniature pigs as household pets, as does each city that borders Coral Springs (The cities of Margate, Tamarac, Parkland, and Coconut Creek). Many other cities within the county also allow miniature pigs as household pets.

The city of Coral Springs does not allow miniature pigs as household pets but does allow aggressive dog breeds and exotic pets to live within the city limits.  In saying this we could own a pitbull ( not that these are bad animals to own, they are just considered an aggressive breed) or a Capuchin monkey and the city would allow it.  Yet, a miniature pig is not allowed.

The reason this is so important to us is:

1. My husband and eldest son are extremely allergic to pet dander.  A miniature pig is a wonderful alternative for our family!

2. Our  youngest son has Down syndrome and I am planning to register our pig with Pet Partener, formerly known as Delta Society, when it turns 1 year old ( the minimum age) to be a therapy pet for him.  I also am hoping to bring it to his school on a regular schedule to be a therapy pet for, not only his ESE class, but the other ESE classes at his school as well.  It is important to know that Kason does have a prescription from his pediatrician for an emotional support animal.

3. Our family would love to have a pet that we ALL can enjoy!

Of course miniature pigs should be held to the same standard as any other domesticated pet that is allowed within the city limits. They should not be allowed to roam free and should always be on a leash when in public. They should only be allowed at permitted dog parks and should be maintained properly by their responsible owner( regular vet checks, shots, spayed/neutered ,etc).

Please sign this petition to change the Coral Springs city code and allow domesticated miniature pigs as indoor household pets within the city limits. They are smart domesticated animals that should no longer be considered "livestock" and make wonderful loving indoor pets to responsible pet owners.

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