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Petitioning The City Council of Charleston, South Carolina

Scale back the planned expansion of the Gaillard Auditorium!


As residents of the City of Charleston and collectively as owners of the Gaillard Municipal Auditorium, we hereby petition the City Council of Charleston to scale back the Gaillard Center Project by:

(1) eliminating the construction of a new $23,000,000 city office building along George Street; and
(2) limiting the redevelopment of the open space fronting Calhoun Street to a recreational, community-oriented passive park and playground.

We believe that these two steps must be taken to save adjacent historic neighborhoods from irreparable harm caused by intensified uses, traffic, noise, parking congestion, and out-of-scale architecture, and to prevent the waste of precious tax dollars on an extravagant public project in an inappropriate and inconvenient location that will cost millions of tax dollars to operate and maintain in the future.

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  • The City Council of Charleston, South Carolina

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