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Petitioning The City Commission of Traverse City

Accept the TC Street Food Proposal For Mobile Food Vending


Consistent with the Commission’s goal of promoting economic growth via mobile food vending with in the city limit, our committee, comprised of city residents, merchants, food truck operators and restaurateurs, is in favor of regulated mobile food vending within the city limits for the following non-exclusive reasons:

1. To offer residents and visitors a high quality, fast, low-cost dining option in our city;
2. To encourage, incentivize, and attract entrepreneurship in our city;
3. To augment and enhance our region’s growing food culture by encouraging the fastest growing culinary trend;
4. To enhance and increase security in nightlife areas by providing additional community policing;
5. To bring additional vibrancy to our downtown, parks and underserved areas;
6. To promote healthy living by providing and additional incentive for pedestrian and bicycle traffic; and
7. To increase the availability of diverse and high quality food offerings during periods of high demand.

Letter to
The City Commission of Traverse City
I ask that the City Commission allow mobile food vending per ordinance on limited public streets and parking areas (see attached map and list), with the following restrictions:

1. A complete restriction on mobile vending within thirty feet of all intersections to ensure a clear line of sight for all traffic;
2. A contractual exception to all restrictions for special events.

Additionally, I ask that the City Commission, consistent with the draft ordinance, enact no location-based restrictions on mobile food vending on private property.

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