Add boulders to Bernal Heights pedestrian walk along Folsom to increase safety (SF)

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Proposing to extend boulders that line the pedestrian walk along north side of Bernal Heights Open Space that act as protection from traffic.  The pedestrian walk runs on Folsom from the west, across from the parking lot and Park gate to the east Park end near the Vista Garden and Carver Street. Currently, the boulders also start near the Park gate at Folsom but end 100 to 150 feet before the stop sign at the east end of the park.  A recent hit-and-run accident illustrated why modifications are past due:  On Wednesday, April 28th, 2018, at 8:20 a.m., a Jeep Liberty driving eastbound entered the westbound lane then swerved onto the sidewalk and struck down a pedestrian [case has been solved thank you SFPD].  To continue the existing safety pattern using boulders, the following modifications are suggested:   Remove guardrail from eastern section of  Folsom Street proceeding west from stop sign near Vista Garden.  Extend the width of the sidewalk for 100 to 150 feet from the stop sign, westward to where the boulders currently end, removing shrubbery and reinforcing downtown side of the hillside, if necessary.  Add new sidewalk nearer the hillside and continue margin of at least five feet with boulders acting as barrier between the roadway and the pedestrian walk all the way to the crosswalk to Vista Garden.  Replace, move and add plantings to restore natural landscaping.  Add additional traffic slowing signs, lights or barriers as needed.  Report ETA and updates to Bernal community via this petition, Next Door, and/or “Bernalwood”.