What we save, saves us.

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I am sure everyone reading this has once in their life been hit by a High degree fever or viral. You can all surely remember that terrible time, that is exactly what is happening to our environment.It's Temperature is constantly rising and it's all because of our carelessness. My name is Shazia Azmat Karim, I am currently in class XI at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road. I am a deeply concerned student about what is happening to our environment both to the Mother Nature and my surroundings . I am aware that I may not be able to move mountains at this point but I do believe that I can take small basic steps to help however I can. We are truly the last generation that can postpone or stop this change. I am still in school so I’ll talk about both the school related issues and home, I am sure if I can make certain small changes then others can as well. I run a blog at www.hopeforalllife.com where I talk about issues related to community where my major concern is the neglect towards the person with disabilities and their families. 

Firstly I’ll talk about how we waste paper in such large quantities. On an average, students ranging from 6th to 9th standard use about 15-17 pages for a project. If we assume that there are 40 students in each class and 8 sections in total. Then around 320 students waste Five thousand four hundred and forty pages on a SINGLE project and only the school curriculum knows how many projects there are. I am not even considering the younger classes and pages wasted because of mistakes or the pictures pasted on all of them and all these projects are worth anywhere from 5 marks to 15 and I don’t believe that wasting more than Five thousand pages per project  are worth 10 marks in the curriculum. Why don’t we encourage teachers and students to make Power Point Presentations and send them to the teachers or even better, present them on the smartboard encouraging public speaking. I am aware that not all schools have Smart Board or even access to technology but even if the number is anywhere near 40 or 50, I think that would be enough. Moreover by not buying these sheets, the demand for them will go down and so will the supply and it will save trees.  

Secondly, in the case of water, small changes at home will go a long way. Most of the people are not aware that 70% of water that comes from their Water Purifier is wasted and what you drink is only the 30%. That water is not pure enough to drink but you can use that to wash your cars or bathrooms or clean your homes, you can use that to water your plants. Same goes to the water that comes from the AC. On the special occasion of Holi, the amount of water wasted is almost around 20 million litres. That's enough to feed every single dying human being on the streets of India. 20 Million litres of water, it's shocking how people don't think of it as an issue. The world needs water, your family needs water, you need water and how carelessly we just spend it all away. 

Thirdly, about the use of Air Conditioners and Vehicles. Both of these man-made creations produce so much carbon, it's not even poison anymore,it's worse. People use AC for 20-20 hours all summer long not even realising that the carbon they are releasing in the environment is the same thing causing these Heat waves. People use cars for the smallest of things, if the market is walking distance, use your legs or use a cycle. I,myself only use the Ac for 2 hours everyday in summer so as to, at the very least, reduce the carbon emissions.   

Lastly, I’ll talk about a issue personally very close to my heart. In the past few months I’ve noticed certain practices being done to a particular section of our society, that is the people with disabilities. This topic is so close to me that whenever I talk about it, I take extreme caution. In my above mentioned blog, ( Hopeforalllife.com) I majorly talk about the lack of technological availability and physical barriers faced by them. Along with the social exclusion they feel from the society who don’t consider them as “Normal”. 

These are very small and basic changes and there are at least 50 more than we can take an initiative for. Doing only these can save up an unthinkable amount of resources. Anything is possible if we want to make it happen. From the people, I can only ask and request but I’d like to demand the following changes from the government- 

a) Immediate reduction on paper wastage and usage in schools as well as organisations that nonchalantly waste paper. 

B) Provisions from the government for the disabled like proper railing and entrances in public parks and public building. 

C) Making the people aware about what is causing the Climate Change and how these small steps can help curb the issue, specifically water and air pollution. 

Education and willpower need to come together and work on this issue, blaming the government  isn’t the only thing we can do.I believe that we don’t have to change the world but changing one person is more than enough .I don’t want to be another student who only cares about marks and neither do I want the people of my country to be like that. I hope you will understand where I am coming from and help me make these changes.