A Call for Joan Cullen's Resignation from Pennridge School Board

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Joan M. Cullen's recent statements as Vice President of the Pennridge School Board have demonstrated a lack of the qualities needed to lead in the Pennridge Community. She should resign immediately to allow the board to replace her with a member that understands the challenges facing members of marginalized peoples and that will work to address them.

  • Ms. Cullen has stated that there is no "systematic sexism, [racism], homophobia, etc."
  • Ms. Cullen has questioned climate change science.
  • Ms. Cullen equates the merits of "views held by different people from all walks of life" with scientific research and data.

This denial of fact is indicative of a philosophy that is not compatible with the equitable, research-based, education of all children. If Ms. Cullen cannot be trusted to differentiate "views" from facts, how can she be trusted to guide the education of students?

A school board member should value all children, be aware of the unique challenges that students face, and be a willing champion for the students that she serves. Ms. Cullen's current attitude and unwillingness to learn, demonstrate that she cannot be an effective advocate for the needs of all students in the Pennridge school system. Joan Cullen should immediately resign as Vice President of the Pennridge School Board.