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The citizens of Milton, Georgia request a Preserve Rural Milton Initiative to save the unique rural character of our city.

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In light of the recent brigade of bulldozers and destruction of woodlands and green pastures in Milton, many of us have felt sadness, discouragement, and even anger about the loss of greenspace in our city.  We know that progress is inevitable. Yet, somehow we feel the city officials have failed us by not proactively preparing for the influx of development and sprawl into our beloved rural landscape.

A city report compiled in November states that in 2014 almost 900 new homes will be constructed in the city. In addition, there is going to be a 6% jump in our population by the year 2017.  Clearly, this will result in more overcrowding of our schools and road ways. However, the most concerning aspect of this growth is how quickly land and opportunity for greenspace are disappearing. The city and community need to take action immediately to address this situation.  Currently, the city has plans to build a 6 million dollar city hall and other projects, but making that a priority will be at the risk of the loss of rural lands forever, and thus,our city's unique identity.

The city of Milton has, from its beginnings in 2006, prided itself on its rural character and its citizens value this small town lifestyle.  The city is known for having  'one of the best qualities of life in the state.' Consistently, the citizens of Milton have ranked green space for passive recreation and enjoyment of the woods and wildlife as their highest priority in the needs assessments conducted by the city. It is stated in Milton's comprehensive plan, the vision is to emphasize the importance of limiting sprawl and preserving the unique rural character of the city. The comprehensive plan calls for "proactive stewardship of the community’s extensive greenspace and woodlands." It is time to implement plans to uphold these values.

As part of this petition, we are asking the city to develop a Preserve Rural Milton Initiative to provide a clear vision of how to save the city's rural character.  This initiative should be a collaboration amongst stakeholders and a professional who specializes in land preservation and greenspace planning in urban areas. It should provide specific guidelines about how to preserve the wooded views,  wildlife corridors. and open pastoral land. The Initiative should proactively shape new development through overlays, easements, and zoning, and implement the Milton Trails plan. It should include methods of fund raising to purchase more land for trails, parks, greenspace, the sustainability of wildlife, and environmental education. It also should address large landowners desires to have their land preserved by providing education and resources for alternatives to selling their land to a developer. This may include financial incentives through compensation or tax deductions. It also may include the use of private land trusts.

It is time for our community to put aside our differences, and come together to address this pressing problem of the encroachment of sprawl.  As citizens, we must actively  engage in this process, expressing our ideas and opinions as well as considering creative ways to raise the monetary funds to meet our goals.  We can no longer stand-by and watch as what we love will disappear forever.

So please sign this petition and pass it on to all your local friends and neighbors. The more signatures we have, the more we can accomplish. Every signature strengthens the mandate for action by our city officials. Together, we can turn our collective discontent into a positive movement for political and community action.

Laura Rencher

Preserve Rural Milton

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