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The People of Jamaica needs to participate in a discussion as to the proposed intrusive National ID System that will affect every Jamaican born and unborn, bond and free, at home or in the Diaspora.

Have a Joint Select Committee of Parliament, have consultations with Jamaicans in the Diaspora in addition to Meetings in Town Halls, Churches,  PTAs, School/Colleges/Universities, Women's organizations, Youth groups, Private sector and all interest groups.

We need to know what will be done with our Biometrics ie retina/facial scan, vein pattern etc., Genealogy history and every pertinent, personal, financial information and DNA that will be exposed to all and Sundry we do business with.  How does the Government guarantee security of Data on citizens when we do not have a cyber crime or Data protection law to protect us. What of the persons with disabilities, what provisions are made for them? Who will have access to this Data. Why do you need to know everything. Why borrow US$68 Million when EOJ already has that tool to gather information. Why not merge the information already gathered through EOJ, NIS, TAX OFFICE, STATIN and RGD and give us each a UNIQUE NUMBER?

The Government of Jamaica is rushing to pass a bill for an intrusive National ID System without consultation with the polulation.

Friday, November 10, 2017 between the hours of 10:00 am and November 11, 2017 at 1:19 am, The Opposition Senators objected to the way the government was rushing the Bill without allowing for full and proper consultation with the public.
Led off by Senator KD Knight and new Senate Opposition Leader Mrs. Donna Scott Mottley all Opposition Senators present criticized strongly the Government's approach to the Bill.
The Opposition Senators made it clear that there should be a Select Committee of the Senate set up to hear the concerns of the citizens over the Bill.
They indicated that they were not opposed to a National Identification Number or a National Identification Card.

The People's concern is about how the government is intent on forcing citizens to enroll in the scheme or facing a fine up to $100,000 or possible imprisonment for not signing up to become part a holder of an additional National ID Card. If an holder of the ID dies and said ID is not turned in, a fine of $500,000 will be imposed.

*Citizens can be denied Government services if they dont have a National Identification Card.*
The opposition Senators say this is wrong. Why should someone be denied the right to see a doctor, go to the health centre, get medicine or children denied entry to school.

Jamaicans living overseas will also be affected. There is no clear guideline of how they will be registered or when they land in Jamaica how they will access services as a Jamaican without a National I D and might have an emergency

Yesterday the sitting of the Senate saw scores of Jamaicans packed the gallery to show their opposition to National Identification Bill. Never before has so many ordinary Jamaicans turn up to watch a Senate meeting as far as I know.

Senator KD Knight had to intervene outside the Parliament because someone gave instructions that the notebooks of the citizens should be confiscated and they should not to take notes whilst in the gallery. After Senator KD Knight's intervention the citizens right to take notes was restored. Seems this Government will stop at nothing to take away the rights of our people.

We will not allow them to trample on our rights.


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