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The Citizens of India oppose Genetically Modified Crops

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The same companies which promoted pesticides and chemical agriculture are now frantically peddling G.M. technology to third world countries.

India put a moratorium on the release of Bt Brinjal and GMOs because this technology is risky. Our Government and our PM in particular are bowing to the pressure from the American Government and the bio-tech industry to introduce GM Food for the consumption of Indian population. Instead of promoting sustainable and ecological agricultural practices, our government continues to spend tax payers money on fertilizer subsidies etc which fill up the coffers of American companies like Monsanto.

GM foods are known to cause adverse health impacts like  impaired immune system, damage to  kidneys and liver, stunted growth and  reproductive health impacts.

Bt Brinjal is unsafe and unfit for human consumption. Bt Brinjal contains anti-biotic resistant genes, which has serious public health implications.

No labelling,  liability, redressal and remediation regimes exist- You would not even know you are eating GM Food!  It is also not clear who will be held accountable, whether poor farmers and consumers will have to bear the brunt of the negative fallouts.

GM is an irreversible technology. Its absolutely impossible to withdraw a genetically modified crop from the eco system due to natural cross pollination processes which will corrupt  and destroy natural and organic plants and organisms.

Please sign the letter to PM Manmohan Singh now to register your opposition.

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