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Tobacco products are addictive and deadly.  To stay in business, tobacco companies must replace the customers whom their products kill.  Tobacco companies seek children to be their customers and add flavourings to tobacco to make it easier for children and youth to start smoking.

Of all tobacco flavourings, menthol is the worst.  It masks the harsh properties of tobacco smoke, facilitates deeper inhalation and enhances nicotine absorption, which increases the related health risks.

Menthol cigarettes help kids start smoking and continue to smoke.  While only 4% of Canadian adult smokers use menthol cigarettes [1], 33% of Alberta’s youth smokers use menthol cigarettes [2].  Additionally, kids who use menthol cigarettes smoke 60% more cigarettes than youth who smoke non-menthol cigarettes [3].

In November 2013, the Alberta Government banned all flavour additives to tobacco, except the one that really counts: menthol.  This exemption for menthol was surprising.  As the Canadian Cancer Society commented, “from a public health perspective, menthol is the most important flavour to focus on with reference to protecting kids.”

Please join us in protecting Alberta’s children and youth by signing a petition to ban all flavouring additives in tobacco products sold in this province. 

Please sign this petition requesting that Alberta legislative Bill 206, the Tobacco Reduction Amendment Act, include a ban on menthol.



[1] ITC Canada National Report, November 2013

[2] Health Canada. Youth Smoking Survey 2012-2013 2013/result-eng.php

[3] Azagba, Sunday, et al. Smoking intensity and intent to continue smoking among menthol and non-menthol adolescent smokers in Canada. Cancer 
Causes & Control: Volume 25, Issue 6. June 2014.


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