The Citizens Forum Community Petition "Safe Health Site Timmins" (SHST)

The Citizens Forum Community Petition "Safe Health Site Timmins" (SHST)

July 18, 2022
Petition to
The Council for the City of Timmins (Nov. 15, 2022 to Nov. 14, 2026) and 1 other
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Why this petition matters

Started by James McMahon

It is important to have Letters of Support from the community.

Council agrees to funding and to establish a "safe injection site" while a permanent solution goes through the approval process.


The residents were not heard from prior to the decisions that were made by the Members of Council in regard to the funding of, the establishment of, or the location of an urgent public health needs site known as Safe Health Site Timmins (SHST) which opened July 4, 2022. The Council for the City of Timmins concluded not to promote public involvement in the municipality's activities and decisions on this matter, denying citizens the opportunity to participate in the discussions that took place with the stakeholders about such a place. There was to be no community feedback used in Council's decision making process.

Government of Canada

Documents to include with the application:                                                                    Community Consultation;

The consultation report must include a description of consultation activities that were undertaken for the proposed site. Results from the consultations, including all feedback and comments that were received, should be provided. Any advertising materials, forms pr documents used for collecting opinions may be included as supporting documentation.

You should include a description of measures to address concerns that were raised during the community consultation.

We need this information to understand the efforts that have been made to engage with the community to inform them of the proposal and ensure that the voices of community members have been heard.


With  the growing importance of accountability, transparency and integrity, the public has expectations of respectful conduct from our representatives on the council as there are differing and sometimes strongly held views by stakeholders and members of the public. The citizenry assumes that their member(s) of council will be attentive to their concerns and to be impartial, generally, controversial municipal policies must not be based on oppression or improper motives.


Residents complained that they were not involved in the process, there was no public input. These sites cause societal problems and social disorder in surrounding neighbourhoods. The by-product of drug addicts affects us, often directly if we are victims of violence or robbery, users must pilfer to support their habit. This of course only compounds the problem and externalizes the social costs onto neighbours and businesses in the area.


In matters that have long-term consequences for the municipality that extend beyond a Councils four-year term of office public participation should not only be encouraged but there should be a Procedural By-Law requiring it as it represents the broader community's ideas and concerns and ensures they are heard and addressed prior to Council making a decision. Councillors are, of course, accountable to the public as elected officials.


The results of this Petition will be used to help inform the incumbents and others who decide to run for Mayor or council in the Municipal Election as to whether or not the voters of Timmins supported the decisions that were made by the previous Council on this matter.


The Citizens Forum Is asking you to sign this Petition if you are not in agreement with the decisions that were made by the Council for The City of Timmins to fund and establish the Safe Health Site Timmins (SHST) in Downtown Timmins.



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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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Decision Makers

  • The Council for the City of Timmins (Nov. 15, 2022 to Nov. 14, 2026)
  • The Council for the City of Timmins (2022 - 2026)